Villa Maria Educare in the Cape Town CBD offers daycare aka preprimary facilities for children. The daycare preprimary offers something unique for children.


1.       Application


The prescribed forms MUST be filled in and signed by the parent/guardian


2.       Fees and attendance (2012)


07H00-17:30: R2350 per month, ie. 12 payments per year

          07H00-12:30: R1700 per month, ie. 12 payments per year

A refundable deposit is required upon enrolment. One month notice period is required if you wish to remove your child from the centre. Please do this in writing. If this is not done, a month’s fee will be payable by you.

In failing to collect your child by the set time, a fine of R1 per minute will be payable. This fine applies to all times indicated above unless other arrangements have been made with the principal. Please phone if you have an emergency or are going to be late.

Fees are to be paid strictly in advance and not later than the 7th of each month. Should any problem arise, the matter must be discussed with the principal without delay and arrears are to be paid as soon as possible. No subtraction of fees will be taken into consideration because of absence, illness or holidays. This includes the 3 week period over Christmas.

The owner retains the right to revise fees. Fees are increased once per year and parents will be advised well in advanced.

The school will be closed 14 December 2012 and re-opens on 8 January 2013.

Meals:          08H30 – 08H45 – Breakfast (No breakfast will be served later)

                             10H30 – Fruit & Tea

                                      12H00 – 12H30 – Lunch (cooked meal)

                             15H00 – Sandwiches and tea/juice

Please note that the class programme begins at 09H00.


3.       Message Books


Each child is to supply a message book. This book MUST be available to teachers at all times, ie. in the lockers or in the bags. This book may be used by both teachers and parents for any messages.


4.    Extra-murals

Extra- mural activities are done during the course of the school morning and on school premises.



5.    Suitable clothing

Comfortable and non-restrictive clothing should be worn. Although every care is taken the school does not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage to the child’s belongings.


6.    Toys and sweets


NO toys and sweets may be brought to school. Birthdays are an exception to this rule. Toy Day will take place once per month. Children will be allowed to bring their favourite toy to school. Please note that only one toy per child is allowed. The teacher will notify you in advance.


7.    Injuries


We will take all possible precautions to secure the safety of your child under our constant supervision. However accidents do occur and the school and its staff will not be held responsible for any financial costs liable for any injuries. We will not be held responsible to transport your child for any medical reasons.


8.    Illness


No sick child with any contagious illness may attend school. These include children who have lice. The child may only attend after the necessary precautions have been taken. If your child becomes ill during the course of the day, you will be informed and expected to collect your child within the hour.


9.       HIV/AIDS Policy


In terms of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Villa Maria Educare will not discriminate against any learner with HIV/AIDS. Although HIV/AIDS testing is not compulsory, the voluntary disclosure of a learner’s HIV status to the principal, who will in turn disclose this only to the necessary relevant staff, is recommended strongly, to protect the health of other learners and staff members, should the learner be involved in a multi person blood related accident. The learner’s HIV/AIDS status will be kept strictly confidential. With this in mind, we stress that we treat all open wounds and blood related accidents at all times, with the necessary protective materials.


10.     Abuse Policy


Should a teacher/principal/caregiver on reasonable grounds believe that a child has been abused, either physically, sexually or deliberately neglected, the teacher/principal/caregiver will in terms of Section 110 of the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 report this belief to either a police officer, designated child protection organization or the provincial department of social development.


11.   Medication


All medication must be handed to the office. Please mark all bottles clearly and write instructions on medical card. No medicines must be left in the classroom or in the child’s bag

12.     Emergency telephone numbers


At least two emergency telephone numbers are required in the event of an emergency. This includes cell phone numbers. Please notify us of any change of address and telephone numbers immediately. Kindly write these numbers in your child’s message book.


13.   Picking up of children


Only parents may fetch their children. If a relative or friend is asked to do so by the parents the school will not hand the child over to this person, unless the parent has informed the school either verbally, telephonically or by note.


14.   Notice Board


Please read the notice board and all newsletters.


15.   Security


Please ensure that each family has obtained a disc from the principal or teacher at the cost of R10 per disc per year for the use of them. However if the disc is lost, you will have to pay an additional R35. Please ensure that the front door is properly closed and the gate is properly bolted behind you. Please remember there are others in the school and we are responsible for the safety of all the children. We have the security system for the safety of all our children.


16.   Appointments


If there is any matter which you would like to discuss with your child’s teacher or the principals, please contact them to make an appointment.


17.   Tissues and wetwipes


Each child is to bring a box of tissues/ nappyliners to school monthly.


18.   Money


Money being handed in MUST please be put into an envelope with your child’s name clearly marked and given to the class teacher or principal on duty. We are not liable for any money left in your child’s bag.


19.   Holidays


School will be closed on all public holidays and Ascension Day (religious holiday). Parents will be notified well in advance of any other days that the school will be closed (ie. long week-ends when there is a public holiday).


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